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Whether you’re enjoying an Ice Cream Sandwich, or the latest Oreo Android OS with CyberGhost VPN, you’ll be able to securely connect to any public, unprotected WiFi.

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Set up CyberGhost VPN for Android on your phone, tablet or TV in 3 easy steps:

Compatible with Any device running on Android OS 4.0 or newer


1. Open Google Play store, search for CyberGhost VPN and tap on Install.


2. Allow CyberGhost to access all rights requested in order to be installed properly.

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3. After successful installation, tap on Open to start it or move to your app pool.

CyberGhost VPN in figures

  • 2,700+ servers
  • 20 million users worldwide
  • 60+ countries
Google Play Store

7-day free trial included

Why choose CyberGhost VPN for Android?

The truly complete VPN solution

CyberGhost for Android

Secure web browsing, guaranteed by top-class encryption

With CyberGhost VPN, you will keep online transactions and e-mail conversations private. The AES 256-encryption technology used by CyberGhost requires too many combinations for a hacker to crack. So, you are guaranteed to have the most secure web experience.

Maximized WiFi security, even on public hotspots

Hijacking and stealing data from insecure wireless connections is easier than you think. CyberGhost protects your Android device from potential online frauds such as identity theft anytime you connect to a Wi-Fi network. This way, you’ll block potential leaks and stay away from snoopers.

CyberGhost for Android
CyberGhost for Android

Bulletproof online anonymity

Mask your real location to keep all your web communications private. Your IP address will be replaced by one from the CyberGhost network and you’ll have complete anonymity every time you browse the internet. Thus, the Internet will become your own private playground.

Google Play Store

7-day free trial included

A built-in, easy-to-use profile for all your digital needs

Swipe right and simply decide what you want to do online now:

CyberGhost for Android

Wi-Fi Auto-Protect

Even if you don’t travel a lot, you inevitably connect to wireless networks from time to time. With Secure Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to encrypt your online traffic, so nobody can snoop in on your online activity.

Select preferred settings such as Always protect unknown Wi-Fis or Disconnect on known Wi-Fi networks. Thus, CyberGhost VPN will remember your chosen preferences each time you connect to a new network.

Secured Streaming

If you’re not the type that patiently waits to board on a plane or when you’re staying in line to pay taxes, Unblock Streaming offers you a lovely way to kill time. By all means, use this profile anytime you please.

Choose from a list of streaming services and listen to your favorite music, or watch the next episode of the TV series you’re following.

CyberGhost for Android
CyberGhost for Android

Surf Anonymously

No need to prepare a fancy surfboard because no one will see the waves you ride if you just click on Start Anonymous Surfing. This profile camouflages your IP address so you can be sure your online activity is fully protected. Choose a location and unlock access to websites not available in your country.

Now, you can freely read foreign newspapers, magazines, access local websites when you are abroad or reach any information you want.

Choose My Server

With this profile, you can have your own customized VPN connection. You can automatically select a server you want to connect to or manually add one, plus choose a country to change your IP location.

CyberGhost for Android
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7-day free trial included

They tried CyberGhost VPN and liked it

CyberGhost for Android

System requirements

  • To use CyberGhost for Android, you need a device running Android OS 4.0 version or newer.
  • CyberGhost will run on a tablet, smartphone or even an Android TV Box.
  • Compatible with any device running on Android OS 4.0 or newer

Our mission is your unbreakable online privacy

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7-day free trial included